Between the Chapters: The Web

In this episode, Laura Pasquini and Jim Groom reflect back to their OG Internet experiences as they get nostalgic about Chapter 2: The Web. The World Wide Web vs. the Internet as we know is discussed, specifically for what it means for learning, teaching, and more in higher education. The Web was a really powerful way to share educational resources, plus gave access and new avenues for how, where, and when people learn. We hope you enjoy this conversation as we talk about the affordances and tensions of the Web, and perhaps we will consider how this will impact education moving forward.
The realization that anyone in the world could now see their page was a revelation. This act now seems like the mythical mudskipper crawling from the sea to the land: a symbolic evolutionary moment.” ~@mweller, Chapter 2: The Web
Here are a few of the many aspects of the Web threw back to in the episode:
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