25 Years of EdTech: The Serialized Audio Version

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Project update: March 6, 2021

The 25 Years of Ed Tech audio project has come to an end. Thank you to all the volunteers who provided their voices for the various chapters of the book and who appeared as guests on Between the Chapters. All chapters of the book and episodes of Between the Chapters are archived below. The complete audio book is also available as a single .zip file (592 MB) for download. The audio book is released with a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

About the project

25 Years of Ed Tech is a serialized audio version of the book 25 Years of Ed Tech, written by Martin Weller of the Open University and published by Athabasca University Press. The audio version of the book is a collaborative project with a global community of volunteers contributing their voices to narrate a chapter of the book. The series was produced by Clint Lalonde. In addition to the audio version of the book, there was also a supplementary podcast called “Between the Chapters” hosted by Laura Pasquini and featuring guests discussing each week’s chapter.


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Book chapters & Between the Chapters show

Chapter Listen to book chapter Listen to Between the Chapters
Introduction & Acknowledgment Nov 2 (read by Martin Weller) Nov 5 (with guest Martin Weller)
1994 – Bulletin Board Systems Nov 9 (read by Bonni Stachowiak)  Nov 12 (with guest Alan Levine)
1995 – The Web Nov 16 (read by Jeffery Saddoris) Nov 19 (with guest Jim Groom)
1996 – Computer-Mediated Communication Nov 23 (read by Laura Pasquini) Nov 26 (with guests Clare Thomson & Mark Brown)
1997 – Constructivism Nov 30 (read by Tim Carson) Dec 3 (with guest Jessie Stommel)
1998 – Wikis Dec 7 (read by Ken Bauer) Dec 10 (with guest Mark Guzdial)
1999 – e-Learning Dec 14 (read by Angela Gunder) Dec 17 (with guest Kelvin Bentley)
2000 – Learning Objects Dec 21 (read by Brian Lamb) Dec 24 (with guests Brian Lamb, John Robertson & D’arcy Norman)
2001- eLearning Standards Dec 28 (read by Lorna M. Campbell & Phil Barker) Dec 31 (with guests Lorna M. Campbell & Phil Barker)
2002 – LMS Jan 4 (read by Tom Farrelly) Jan 7 (with guests Laura Gibbs, Brenna Clarke Gray, and Caroline Kuhn)
2003 – BLOGS Jan 11 (read by Lee Skallerup Bessette) Jan 14 (with guests Bonnie Stewart & Clint Lalonde)
2004 – OER Jan 18 (read by Catherine Cronin) Jan 21 (with guests Catherine Cronin, Judith Pete, Maren Deepwell & Virginia Rodes)
2005 – Video Jan 25 (read by Chad Flinn) Jan 28 (with guest Lee Skallerup Bessette)
2006 – Web 2.0 Feb 1 (read by Sukaina Walji) Feb 4 (with guests Brian Alexander & Alexandra Pickett)
2007 – Second Life Feb 8 (read by Grant Potter) Feb 11 (with Guests Grant Potter & Sarah Frick)
2008 – ePortfolios Feb 15 (read by Julian Prior) Feb 18 (with Guests Orna Farrell & David Wicks)
2009 – Twitter & Social Media Feb 22 (read by Simon Horrocks) Feb 25 (with guests Sue Bechimgham & Chrissi Nerantzi)
2010 – Connectivism March 1 (read by Terry Greene) March 4 (with Tannis Morgan)
2011 – PLE March 8 (read by Clint Lalonde) March 11 (with Maha Bali, Autumm Caines, Helen DeWaard, Christian Friedrich, and Rebecca Hogue)
2012 – MOOC March 15 (read by Laura Czerniewicz) March 18 (with Dave Cornier, Rolin Moe, Sukainia Walji)
2013 – Open Textbooks March 22 (read by Rajiv Jhangiani) March 25 (with Amanda Coolidge)
2014 – Learning Analytics March 29 (read by Brenna Clarke Gray) April 1 (with Anne-Mare Scott & Dragan Gašević)
2015 – Digital Badges April 5 (read by Deb Baff) April 8 (with Joyce Setzinger)
2016 – Return of AI April 12 (read by Maha Bali) April 15 (with Chris Gilliard)
2017 – Blockchain April 19 (read by Caroline Kuhn) April 22 (with David Kernohan)
2018 – EdTech Dystopia April 26 (read by Anne-Marie Scott) April 29 (with Audrey Watters & sava saheli singh)
Conclusion May 3 (read by Martin Weller) May 6 (Clint, Laura & Martin)