Between the Chapter: Constructivism

In this Between the Chapters episode, Laura chats with Jesse Stommel about constructivism (Chapter 4) and everything in the universe of education. We work through Jesse’s detest of “scaffolding” and praise for the Dewey’s ideas from over a hundred years ago. You’ll hear what we’re thinking about being more student-centered to move us outside of current learning panopticons — by actually talking to students to figure out how we can learn today. We bat around ideas for a more nuanced conversation of what ed tech can look like now during a pandemic, and perhaps in the future if we think more critically about our digital pedagogy and listen to one another. Imagine that!
“In higher education, pedagogical thought just isn’t a thing — it doesn’t even actually exist as a thing.” ~ @jessifer
Here are a few things we discuss, rant, and praise in this episode of the pod:
Community Challenge: Let’s ask ourselves hard questions about what does and doesn’t work in our online learning spaces and places.
Question: How does Papert’s Constructionism learning theory fit in with constructivism and what is discussed in Chapter 4 and our conversation?
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