Between the Chapters: OER

For this Between the Chapters episode, I have a 2-part conversation about open educational resources (OER) with Part I Judith Pete and Catherine Cronin, and then Part II with Virginia Rodés and Maren Deepwell. This extended episode dives into topics from Chapter 11 and beyond as we talk about practices, tensions, and context for OER around the world. We move beyond content and licensing to talk about what OER means now with the pivot to online and how it transforms the work we do for teaching, learning, and research. I hope you enjoy hearing about these opportunities and advances being made in open work from these scholars and practitioners.
“Enacting openness and engaging in open educational practices is always complex, personal, contextual, and continually negotiated. What will you do now?” ~ Catherine
“That tension between content and practice in education is quite important… but that is a continuum within the curriculum.” ~ Virginia
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