Between The Chapters: Digital Badges

For this Between the Chapters episode, Laura chats with Joyce Seitzinger about all things badged connected to Chapter 22: Digital Badges. In reflecting back to 2015, we have much to say about micro-credential, open badges, and what it means to get digital street cred based on a certificate, credential, course, or training. We share how we have been working to upskill with professional credentials as the world of work is changing, and how higher ed might consider what it means to embed badges, training, or certifications related to the skills needed for employment. Maybe badging and credentials offer ways for colleges and universities to have an ongoing, lifelong relationship with learners? Or perhaps we need more partnerships across sectors of work and education?
Questions to ponder from this open/digital badge conversation:
Connect to Joyce’s work at RMIT Online and maybe she’ll badge you.
Would you upskill if you could get a credential easily? How could open/digital badges offer credentials within your teaching/learning practice? Please share — send us a message or tweet. Podcast episode art: X-Ray Specs by @visualthinkery is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Remix by philippe petitqueux.