Between the Chapters: Artificial Intelligence

In this episode of Between the Chapters, Laura chats with Chris Gilliard about artificial intelligence (A.I.) in educational technology from Chapter 23 of Martin’s book. If you don’t follow the prolific Twitter account of @hybervisible — you should. He’s been railing against the broad, sweeping claims ed tech vendors make about A.I. and outcomes of these software/systems in higher ed for a while. How does ed tech codify teaching, learning, and administration needs at our universities and colleges with a.i.? If things seem magical or improbable, we need to have more critical questions and understanding of how these “black boxes” work for our campus stakeholders. We talk about how robots may or may not be coming for our jobs, and what we need to understand about the technologies implemented for our work.
Questions and thoughts for the community:
Are you seeking a robot application for your job? What do you think about A.I. in higher ed? Let us know — send a message or tweet. Podcast episode art: X-Ray Specs by @visualthinkery is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Remix by Franny French.