Between the Chapters Twitter & social media

For this Between the Chapters, Laura welcomes Sue Beckingham and Chrissi Nerantzi to talk about all things related to Twitter and Social Media from Chapter 16. Reflecting back to our use of the mediums to be social and talk with educators, learners, researchers, and more — we see how these public, open spaces have changed and challenged us over the last 10+ years. Twitter has brought about community and connection through hashtags; however, it is not the same as it once was — or is it?
Questions for the community about Twitter and Social Media:
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What social media platforms and online communities are relevant to you, dear educator? How are you engaging with Twitter or other social spaces these days? Send us a message or tweet. Podcast episode art: X-Ray Specs by @visualthinkery is licenced under CC-BY-SA & Remix by Erika Smith, PhD.